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HYD061 HYD111 HYD261 HYD401
-25℃Low Temperature Upright Freezer is mainly in order to meet the medical and scientific research and industrial preparation of cold storage under normal circumstances demand. It has large capacity, saving space and precise temperature control, temperature stability, quick cooling, mainly used in the sample access frequently, sample large capacity, users of laboratory space is relatively small.
From individual laboratory users to ever-increasing sample storage needs, you can choose from ultra-low temperature storage solutions in multiple sizes.
Temperature Control 
Microprocessor control, Large LED display inner temperature clearly, and with easy viewing; 
The inner temperature can be adjustable at the range of-10℃~-25℃;
Lock and password for protection to prevent arbitrary adjustment of operating parameters.
Safety Control 
Malfunction alarms: high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, Sensor failure, Power failure alarm, low voltage of backup battery. Over temperature alarm system, set the alarm temperature as requirements; 
Two alarming methods: buzzer alarming and digital flashing alarming; 
Protection function: power-on delay, time between stops.
Refrigeration System 
Highly efficient famous brand compressor and fan;, with a high efficient refrigeration effect; 
Optimized refrigeration technology, low noise, more energy efficient; 
CFC-Free overall polyurethane foaming insulation; OCFC-Free refrigerant.
Ergonomic Design 
Safety door lock, preventing unauthorized access;
Wide voltage design from 192V to 242V; 
Pressure-balanced port design, easy to open the door; Adjustable shelves design; 
Heavy type caster and locking adjustable screw, easy to move and fix.
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