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Liquid Nitrogen Container Cryobiobank

Heraldcryo Cryobiobank series of high efficiency liquid nitrogen storage tanke pronideexcellent for biological samples. The cryomonitor 3000 intelligent monitoring system closely monitore the operation of the equipment to ensured by standard integrated folding steps, auxiliary worktables, and lid design that conforms to human mechanics. The compatible gas phase and liquid phase storage mode can ensure excellent temperature uniformity and stability in the entire tank even under long-term open cover conditions. The temperature difference in the entire storage will not exceed 10℃, and the minimum temperatyre at the top of the frozen storage frame can reach-190℃. In order to achieve the most economical operation, our design can reduce liquid nitrogen consumption as much as possible and make full sample storage capacity.
©1Dry sample storage ©2-190℃ at top ©3One-piece folding step
©4Automatically liquid nitrogen supply ©5Storage a variety of blood bags
©6De-fog and liquid nitrogen splash proof ©7CE certification
Key Features 
©It has large single storage capacity(Cryobiobank 95K), smail footprint.
©Vapor or liquid phase storage, meet all user needs.
©Unique vacuum technology and cervical mouth technology, liquid nitrogen evaporation loss rate is extremely low.
©Temperature close to the neck could reach-190℃ stably.
©2 steps and partition rotating tray design for easy and quick access to samples.
©Easy to expand temperature and humidity control system, and record all historical data.
©Advanced temperature, liquid level monitoring and alam function to minimize operation energy consumption. Improve safety.
©Automatic liquid intake function will be inteligentized according to the temperature and liquid level in the tank.
©Ovecheated nitrogen matically excludes.
©Automatic fog removal function, sample search is simpler.
©Seisimic design, has the ability to resist magnitude 8 earthquakes, ensure equipment operation safety.
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