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Chocolate maybe wake-up memory

Chocolate maybe wake-up memory

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A cup of chocolate will not improve memory, but the taste buds on the tongue will not complain about this.
         A cup of chocolate will not improve memory, but the taste buds on the tongue will not complain about this.
        There is a piece of chocolate, lovers can taste. Continuous drinking cocoa rich ingredient compound beverage three months later, during a memory test process, the performance of subjects 50 to 69 years of age and some younger than their twenties and thirties of the people's memory similar performance. But the problem is, if you want to get these benefits by eating chocolate, you need to eat a surprisingly large number of chocolate.
        This recent study shows that cocoa beans in a chemical called flavanols can produce beneficial effects on the brain. Flavanols are natural chemical substance that can be found in cocoa beans, blueberries, green tea keep in refrigerator and red wine being. Earlier studies found that the consumption of flavanol-rich diet mice showed enhanced memory, as well as some specific regions of the brain appear greater blood flow; New York City, Columbia University neurobiologist Scott Small wanted to know mechanism similar to the human brain may what impact.
       To get results, Small team found 19 volunteers aged between 50 to 69 years old, mixed with water and drink 900 ml of milk per day flavanol cocoa powder. These doses were asked twice daily drinking. While the remaining 18 volunteers were asked to drink one kind contains only 10 milligrams of cocoa flavanols powder drinks.
      During the three months before and after the experiment, two groups of volunteers underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging scans (fMRI). After three months of testing, the researchers compared the results after the scan found a higher blood flow to specific parts of drinking flavanol content of their subject hippocampus - the dentate gyrus of the flow rate higher than before the experiment 20%. the chocolate in 2~8 degree refrigerator will be more delicious At the same time, high consumption of flavanol content than subjects drinking the blood flow to the lower content of the subject matter of the dentate gyrus of the same flow rate is also showing growth. Interestingly, this region and memory loss caused by age are also relevant.
      However, Small prompted to say, do not rush to store a lot of chocolate. "Indeed, the presence of flavanols in chocolate, but its content is minimal." He said, "You need to eat too much chocolate to get the required amount of flavanols, which may be detrimental to health."