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Order process

Order process

First, identify customers
1. Through the collection and analysis of customer data, identify customers with needs, implement personalized management of customers, track their services, and improve services in a timely manner.
2. Expand the source of information. Establish multi-channel sources of information that are easy to communicate with customers, such as: telephone, email, exhibitions, visits to customers, etc.
3. Collation of large customer information. Information collection through the above sources, including: name, gender, occupation, address, telephone, email and other customer personal information. Including purchase frequency of customers, purchase amount, latest purchase time, purchase variety, focus, purchase habits, etc.
Second, understand the needs
1. Customer inquiry. Information to be provided by the customer: information on the required refrigerator temperature, volume, vertical or horizontal, price, quantity, packaging method, delivery date, mode of transport, payment method, etc.
2. Quote. Offer a quotation to the customer based on the information provided by the customer.
3. Consultation
Third, development work
1. Get the order (contract review is correct, order is prepared)
2. Production order (business personnel place orders on the factory according to requirements)
3. Workshop manufacturing
4. Factory quality inspection (package awaiting delivery after passing the quality inspection)
Fourth, the delivery process
1. Before delivery, the product is photographed to the customer, and the customer confirms the shipment.
2. Confirm the delivery time and delivery address with the customer, and wait for delivery after confirmation.
3. Contact logistics delivery, notify customers after delivery, wait for customer acceptance
Five, intimate after sales
Our company will comply with the "Procedure of the People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law" and the State Administration of Industry and Technology, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the Finance Bureau on the "Regulations on the Responsibility for the Repair and Replacement of Some Commodities", with this warranty and invoice, You offer the following services:
1. The whole machine is free for one year;
2. The compressor is free for three years.
3. The following conditions are not included in the free service, but fee repair and lifelong service are available:
1. Can not produce warranty and invoice;
2. Invoice modification;
3. Accidental factors, improper use or damage caused;
4. Damage caused by self-repair without the permission of our company;
5. More than three packs are valid and can be used after repair.
1. The validity period of the three packs shall be calculated from the date of invoicing, minus the time for repairs and spare parts to be repaired.
During the validity period of the three packs, the consumer shall repair, exchange, and return the goods with the invoice and the three-package certificate.
2. Within 7 days from the date of sale, the product has a performance failure, and the consumer can choose to return, exchange or repair.
3. Within 15 days from the date of sale, the product has a performance failure and the consumer can choose to exchange or repair.
4. “Performance failure” means that the product does not meet the safety and hygiene requirements, and there is an unreasonable danger that endangers the personal and property safety; or does not have the performance that the product should have; or does not meet the express quality condition.
5. User notice:
For products that exceed the repair period, our company provides paid services. The paid service fee (super-package charge) includes repair labor and parts costs. All the user fees are charged by the maintenance personnel to the unified charging standard, and are issued by the service personnel. Invoice, otherwise you can refuse to pay.
6. Maintenance service hotline: 4006120286
Create the best products. Professional staff testing on the production line guarantees the quality of the products at all times.
Therefore, we are committed to providing quality products to our customers with the tenet of “Quality First, Production Second; Winning the Market with Honesty and Branding with Quality”.