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Through years of independent innovation, the company's low temperature products have obtained international certifications such as UL and CE. The existing products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and America. As of 2018, our products have obtained more than 13 domestic patents. In 2018, the ultra-low temperature storage box produced by Qingdao Heli De Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd. has applied the world's more advanced hydrocarbon refrigeration system, completely free of fluorine and zero pollution, and environmentally friendly. The cooling efficiency is increased , energy saving save electricity  and the temperature uniformity, cooling speed, holding time, noise and other indicators are superior to imported brands. Fluorine-free refrigeration saves energy and electricty which greatly implements the new requirements of the state for creating "energy-saving" and "environmental" two-type society.

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Refrigerator multi-function test hole device

Refrigerator free defrosting
duct system and refrigerator

Anti-turn adjustable shelf for refrigerator

Low temperature cabinet door and low
temperature cabinet

Low temperature cabinet door lock
device and low temperature cabinet

Low temperature freezer

Fan guard

Anti-blocking air duct system for reefer