Introduce advanced technology standards to produce products of international quality

Entering the global market, overseas markets such as the UK, Australia and Spain
The company won the bid for the global bidding project of the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan

Complete intellectual property, build a brand

The company obtained ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification
Pharmaceutical refrigerators, low temperature refrigerators and other products have obtained CE certification
The touch screen control system with independent intellectual property rights was developed and entered the test phase.



A product line of low temperature cold chain has begun to be accepted by users.

The production base belonging to Herald is put into use
The first batch of low-temperature cold chain products went offline and delivered to users.
Signed cooperation agreement with many domestic chain drug companies

Build a team and make a good product

A strategic agreement with ESCO to develop and produce a full range of low temperature cold chain products

Development history