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ULT Freezers with factory price Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Vaccine Freezer ULT freezer
2015-06-19 10:22:43

Characteristics of the product function:

 1.Refrigeration System


 Optimized cascade refrigeration technology, SECOP compressor to reach a high efficient            refrigeration effect;

Specially designed Heat Exchanger, heat transfer high efficient, save Energy;

CFC-Free overall situ polyurethane foaming insulation;

CFC-Free refrigerant


2. Temperature Control


Microprocessor control, digital display of inner temperature, the inner temperature can be adjustable at the range of -10℃~-86℃;

LCD running status and alarm information;

Over temperature alarm system, set the alarm temperature as requirements.


3. Safety Control


Malfunction malfunction alarms: high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, Sensor failure, Power failure alarm, Door jammed, low valtage of backup battery;

Two alarming methods: buzzer alarming and digital flashing alarming;

Protection function: power-on delay, time between stops.


4.Ergonomic Design


Safety door lock, preventing unauthorized access;

Wide voltage design from 187V to 242V;

Maintenance free condensor design;

25mm access port;

Pressure-balanced port design, easy to open the door;

Heavy type caster and locking adjustable screw, easy to move and fix.