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About us


HERALD CRYOGENIC                                                 

           Established in 2001 and located in Qingdao, China. We design, manufacture and market laboratory equipment, medical cold chain for the global market. Our products are designed to enable scientific researchers across the globe to perform research projects and to produce pharmaceutical products.

Our Products

·         Laboratory Refrigerators

·         Laboratory Freezers

·         Ultralow temperature freezers

·         Blood banks

·         Pharmacy refrigerators

·         Equipment for the laboratory and medical applications


Our products can be applied in various medical institutions, pharmaceutical factories, scientific research institutions, laboratories in universities and some factories.


Manufacturing Ability

We specially built a new factory covering 17,500 square meters in 2011, to meet the growing market.

At present,  we have reached 20,000 units annual production, it is among the best in China.



·         Medical Device Manufacturing Enterprise License

·         Medical Device Registration Record

·         ISO9001:2008

·         CE certification

·         CCC Safety Certification



To win customers favor by our differentiated products, stable quality and reasonable cost, at the same time technical support and service are essential, we established service centers throughout China.

Based in China, focusing on the international market, actuate our business advancement have been very effective, We now have exported our products to all over South-East Asia, Africa, and parts of Europe and America.

Without your support, no our growth, We will still strive for continuous improvement, hope to work together with all new and old customers forever.